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The Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network (APFISN) has been established as a response to the immense costs and dangers posed by invasive species to the sustainable management of forests in the Asia-Pacific region. APFISN is a cooperative alliance of the 33 member countries in the Asia- Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) - a statutory body of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The network focuses on inter-country cooperation that helps to detect, prevent, monitor, eradicate and/or control forest invasive species in the Asia-Pacific region.


Upcoming Events

APFISN Training Workshop Announcement - Developing Skills in Forest Protection: An Integrated Approach, 23 – 27 October 2018, Beijing, China.

This training course is targeted at recent forestry graduates and practitioners who plan to/will be involved in aspects of forest health and management, monitoring, silviculture, tree breeding, pest and disease management and control.  The target number of trainees is 30 participants, the number of participants from Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission member countries outside China depending on the available budget.

APFISN Mini-training Workshop Announcement - Improving capacity of forest pest and disease experts in the Southeast Asia Region, 24 – 29 September 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Since pests and diseases in the planted forests of SEA countries are increasing both in number and severity, cooperation and collaboration between researchers and managers among SEA countries is essential to mitigate their impacts. The number and expertise level of forest pathologists in SEA is limited, so improving their capability through capacity building and forming an informal group of SEA expertise’s is desirable.


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